What it’s REALLY like to be married to Micah. {It’s our anniversary!}

We’ve been married eight years today!

These eight years have been spent loving a man who is down-to-earth and content. He is happiest with the simple things in life. He’s happy with his family, his home, his job. He needs little else. I love that about him.


His heart is sensitive to The Lord. He leads us, guides us, teaches the children, and loves me selflessly. He sees the Lord’s work in our lives and always stops to give Him the praise.


He shows me grace. Every day I am amazed at his ability to show me so much grace. He is patient in my shortcomings and never brings light to my weaknesses. He knows my strengths and he praises them.


He is compassionate. He is sensitive toward anyone who’s hurting or needs help. He is particularly compassionate towards children, and he’s passionately pro-life.


But I think my favorite thing about my husband is his bravery. He knew he wanted more for himself, for our family. He didn’t want to settle. So in 2014, he made the brave decision to change careers and states. He has doubted himself so many times along the way, and it’s been a HARD year. We made the right decision though, and I admire his bravery so much.


Countless times this year I have thought that there is no one else I’d rather do this crazy life with. No one. And I couldn’t do it alone. I’m so incredibly grateful for him and the example of Christ’s love that he is to me.

Happy 8th anniversary, Love.





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