It’s Spring in more ways than one.

I’ve written mostly about the hard and messy moments of being a mother.  Those days seem endless.  Sure, those days have beautiful moments in the mess.  Anytime The Lord is present in our homes, in our days, there’s always beauty.  Those are the days when I cling to Him and the strength He provides.  His Word gives me a light.  He assures me that I’m not alone.  I am seen, I am known, I am loved by Him.

But sometimes, things just smooth themselves out.  Silas is finally sleeping so well and has stopped being fussy all the time.  He’s happy and entertains himself during the day by playing and exploring.  He eats so much better than he was.  What a difference two months have made!  The difference is HUGE.  

Also, we are settling in well here.  We are meeting new people all the time (which we love!) We love our church and our community group.  We love our neighborhood and the community here.  I am so thankful that God placed us in this city at this time.  I think we are over the shock this huge change has been!

Audrey and Maddox are thriving as well.  They haven’t made a lot of friends, but they have a few.  They get along great and have become best of friends.  We have our weekly routines; library, park (when the weather is nice), dance (for Audrey), community group, and church.  They are settling in so well.

I am so thankful for this time right now.  It seems that as Spring makes it’s debut, it brings in new life to our home and family.  It’s during these times that I can relax and enjoy my strengths as a mother to these three.  Though I do still need to be reminded that He is here in the small moments of my days; the way my baby snuggles next to me before bed time, the dancing my daughter does in the living room, the way my son notices the bugs and the worms outside.  I can see His beauty in a full night’s sleep, in a slow morning snuggled on the couch, or a bouquet of weeds picked just for me.  My heart overflows.  These days are so good.

I am so thankful.  May I not take these days and moments with God for granted.  I want to use them to draw nearer to Him.  I want to see his handiwork in every day and become more awestruck.  He is so good to provide mamas with seasons like this after a hard one.  It’s refreshing.  It’s SPRING!

In an effort to keep things real in my life, I have to share the beauty of these months with you.  Motherhood is not always hard with ugly, endless days.  There are good days and months as well.  If you’re not there yet, you will be.  Cling to Jesus every single day and seek out those beauty-filled moments.

I know our family will go through more months of sickness, no sleep, general growing pains, or maybe even hard and unforeseen trials, if that’s what God wills, but for now I feel like celebrating these good days!


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