Fear and parenting…they seem to go hand in hand for most of us, right?  I have never experienced fear in my life as I have as a parent.  As soon as I had a little one under my care, the world began to look a lot scarier and a whole lot darker.  Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling of fear and asked yourself, “WHY did I bring innocent babies into this dark and terrifying world?”  Pain and suffering abound.  We hear about terrorism everyday, as well as racism, bullying, drugs, suicide, and crimes against children.  Those are only a few of the frightening things our children are faced with as they grow up.  Fear comes as naturally to a parent as the need to protect them from ever experiencing any of these things.   


Sometimes, the fear is almost debilitating.  It sits on my chest like a weight and I can think of everything awful thing that could possibly happen to my family.  It becomes a very dark place for me, and I will go to it easily when I am allowing myself to worry and dwell on the darkness of the world.  Plain and simple, it’s the work of the Evil One.  He makes me believe that only I have control over what happens to my children.  That am the one who protects them.  And then I am overwhelmed and drowning in self-doubt and fear.

Don’t lose heart yet.  (2 Corinthians 4)  If we allow Him, God can work powerfully through us as parents.

It helps me to remember that our Father told us do not be afraid.  Do not worry.  Do not be anxious.  (Matthew 10:28, 1 John 4:18, Psalm 118:6, Hebrews 13:6, Matthew 6, Phillippians 4:6)  The Bible commands us not to worry.  Will we chose to obey that command?  When I find myself overwhelmed with fear and worry, I have to remind myself that by doing that, I am disobeying my Father.  


Let me share something that The Lord is teaching me.  One of my favorite Scriptures of all time is Psalm 127.  Verse 4 says that “Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.”  I love that!  They are arrows in our hands.  We, as parents, have the ability to sharpen our arrows.  When our arrows are sharp and ready to be used we must intentionally aim them at this dark world to be used as instruments of light.  Our arrows of light are to be sharpened, aimed, and shot into the world to be used by God.


So when I fear that the world will overcome, overtake, overwhelm my children, I must remember that my children were created to be used by God.  They are to be salt and light to this dying, dark, flavorless world.  How will they ever be used if I do everything in fear and hold them back from what they were created to do?  Every day, every interaction with my children is an opportunity to sharpen and mold.

I often pray over my children (and often out loud with them so they hear the words I speak on their behalf).  

I pray that they will place their trust in The Lord at an early age.

I pray for all my children to become leaders.  

I pray that they will be bold and brave with their lives.  

I pray that in their lives they will stand up for Christ, biblical truth, and those that don’t have a voice.  

I pray that their lives would be marked by complete devotion to The Lord in whatever they choose to do.  

These are powerful prayers.  These prayers fight fear and darkness.  These prayers are heard by an all-powerful God who loves them fiercely.  

Join me in fighting fear.  Pray power over your children and know that your prayers are heard.  Let’s put off the fear and worry about things we can’t control.  Let’s parent our kids with boldness and bravery.  We are the warriors, these are our arrows.  Without fear we can sharpen, refine, aim, shoot, and watch what magnificent work The Lord can do as a result of our obedience.  


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