Boredom and Beauty

After a particularly hard couple of weeks, Micah looked at me the other day and asked, “Is everything okay with you?”  My answer was “I’m bored to tears, I’m burnt out, and I’m tired!”  It was the truth.  Something in my heart needed to be refreshed and I needed a different perspective.  I know in my heart that God did not design me to feel this way!

Whether you are stay at home mom, a work at home mom, or a working mom, I do not believe raising children and keeping a home should be boring tasks.  I do it full time.  I know that when I begin to feel boredom, something needs to change.  If I am bored, that means that I am not fully utilizing the gifts God has uniquely created me with to serve my home and my family.  Most likely, though I hate to admit it, I am selfishly focused on myself instead of being faithful to what God has given me.

I serve a vibrant, beautiful, creative, interesting, and awesome God.  If I am created in His image, what does that make me?  It makes me vibrant, beautiful, creative, interesting, and awesome as well!  I have the ability to show my children just how beautifully awesome our God is by modeling it in my own life.  If I am boring, lackluster, impatient, and grumpy, what kind of impression am I giving my kids of their God?  How am I being faithful to Him in this job He’s given me? 

There are not many boring seasons in my life as a stay at home mom, but they do happen.  Most of the time, I’m too busy teaching, cleaning, preparing, disciplining, nursingreadingcuddlingscrubbingbaking to be bored!  But, on the days that they do happen, only I have the ability to do something about it.  

First and foremost, I need refreshment from Scripture.  Maybe I’m burnt out because I’ve been listening to voices I shouldn’t be.  Chances are, I’m comparing myself to them, trying live up to someone else’s expectations.  My friend, Robin, wrote a great post about turning off the noise.  (Wise words, please read them.) The only standard I should be living up to is the truth of Scripture.  For the most part, I only let a few precious voices speak to my soul besides God’s Word, the main ones being older, experienced mothers who only glean their wisdom from Scripture as well.

Next, I might be experiencing burn out because I haven’t been keeping up with my home.  I love keeping a home, but I’m not perfect at it.  If I get behind, I feel overwhelmed and not motivated to do much.  I simply have to get over it and get stuff done!  Once my home is in order…man.  I’m a new woman.  It’s a breath of fresh air and it helps SO much to shake that feeling of boredom because now I have a clean slate!  The kids and I can bake.  I can sit and read while they nap and play.  We have space for school without working on top of clutter.  I usually feel more inspired to take on a sewing or DIY project.  You get the idea.

Also, I love bringing beauty into our home through decor, fresh flowers, lighting candles, baking something delicious, playing music, or changing things around a bit. It’s my pleasure.  Even if these things go unnoticed, I still love to do it. All of these things are small ways to bring God’s beauty into our home.  

This job is truly not boring, friends.  There’s too much beauty and fun to be had.  If you feel bored and burnt out, please see that as a red warning flag.  Something needs to change.  I know because I’ve been there, done that.  I’m preaching to my own heart here.  There are little lives looking to us to show them the wonder and awesomeness that is our world and our God.  Let’s not leave them wanting.


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